The Cultural Coven

The Cultural Coven is a brand new weekly podcast series that will connect public with artist and delve into the creative and life journeys of the guests, reveal green-room gossip and also have the guests taking part in a fun creative challenge.

The Cultural Coven will explore the lives of some of Scotland’s leading Art and Cultural Figures. These much loved Scottish stalwarts come from backgrounds in music, theatre, TV and literature.

Hosted by actress Nicola Roy, produced by Lisa Nicoll, music by kind permission of Cameron Barnes, the series will be freely available on major podcasting channels (iTunes, Spotify, Google etc).

Listen to the audio trailer above, and then listen to each podcast on Spotify as they go live at the links below! To listen/subscribe on other platforms, please click the names here: Apple PodcastsAmazonGoogleAnchorRadio RepublicBreakerPocket Casts.

Produced by In Motion Theatre Company in Association with The Lyceum Theatre and the Stephen Dunn Theatre Fund. Based on an idea by Stephen Dunn and Nicola Roy. ​

Photo by Stephen W Dunn