Kish Kush

Thu 30 May - Say 1 June

Ages 5 -10

Kish Kush traces the journey of two characters as they progress from solitude to connectedness. Separated by a three-foot high paper wall bisecting the space, with the audience sitting in the round with only a partial view of the stage, the performers face the universal theme of cultural and linguistic differences. One speaks English, the other a mix of Hebrew and Arabic. Through the manipulation of symbolic objects, shadow games and sounds, they gradually come into contact and get to know each other, finally tearing apart the delicate wall and emerging more accepting and trusting. At turns humorous and profound, challenging yet hopeful, Kish Kush offers a unique and eloquent portrayal of diversity.

Since the show’s ground-breaking premiere in 2013, Italy’s Teatrodistinto has presented it worldwide in dozens of languages, each time to critical and public acclaim.  

A well-considered vision of how people meet each other, how communication works and what obstacles are involved.” Theaterkrant

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