Suppose you Had a Portable Gramophone

27 May - 29 May

Ages 8 - 13

A magical tale created out of (almost) nothing. Three performers sitting at a table tell the story of a tiny village in the far north, where lives a small group of people wearing brown dresses and black coats. They look down mostly and sing every Sunday in church. Not too loud of course. And because they look down, they have nothing to talk about and nothing to long for.

But then there’s Viola. She keeps herself to herself; she too looks down and tries to sing very quietly in church on Sundays. She is dreaming and yearning and asks a hundred questions. But then, one day, a stranger comes to town – and the entire world is suddenly at Viola’s feet…

This show is a tribute to imagination and storytelling; a small story with a big impact. A celebration of world-renowned Danish writer Karen Blixen. Winner of the 2019 Reumert Award for Special Performance of The Year, this captivating production is a master class in intimate staging and nuanced performances.

The show tickles the imagination in a simple and breathtaking way. Using humour and wit, it accentuates the importance of friendship and living out your dreams.” Teateravisen

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