Caroline Criado Perez | Sun 18 Aug 2024

Part of the Edinburgh International Festival 2024.

Discover the power of feminist data to brighten the world as we know it.

To change the world, first we must see it as it really is. You’re probably familiar with the gender pay gap, but what about the gender data gap?

Society as we know it has been built on data that serves the patriarchy. That’s what activist Caroline Criado Perez has exposed through her feminist research. Her game changing book, Invisible Women, reveals the dark shadow cast by the neglect of women’s perspectives for most of human history. The gender data gap is ever-present, showing up in the way we map our cities, run our economy and even in the everyday objects we use. From pianos to smartphones, stab vests to crash test dummies, the consequences of designing the world with only men in mind range from inconvenient to deadly.

Beyond the pages of her book, Criado Perez uses the power of feminist data to brighten society as we know it. The Jane Austen £10 note, X’s “report abuse” button and the statue of suffragette Millicent Fawcett in London’s Parliament Square all exist because of Criado Perez’s activism. In her keynote talk, she discusses her vision for a world that works for us all.