Michael McKenzie

I first worked at the Lyceum in early 1976 in a season of three comedies for Clive Perry with Una McLean and Rikki Fulton. In The Happiest Days of Your Life, Rikki dragged up as the headmistress. A big London agent up to see a client at the Kings slipped into the matinée at The Lyceum but didn’t have time to get a programme. After the show he collared Clive and asked him where he’d been hiding this wonderful actress playing the headmistress. Clive said, “You mean Rikki Fulton?” The agent felt very foolish!
Later that year, I was in Stephen Macdonald’s first production, Peer Gynt, and had to hand in my biog. to the PR/Marketing department, which was one person, (NB. changed days!) a certain Helen Brown. We were married some 18 months later.
The Lyceum is a wonderful, friendly place to work, with, as my experienced London colleagues in Pressure last year agreed, the best Stage Management team anywhere. The connection with the audience from the stage is unrivalled, and it has simply been my theatrical home for nearly 40 years. Here’s to the next 50 years!

Micheal McKenzie

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