Ellie Stewart

Ellie Stewart

All in Good Time

Bring in the circus
the horses
the trapeze.

Bring in a polyphony of voices
of languages
of loves.

Bring in the full-back
the scrum-half
the hooker.

Bring in the contraltos,
the falsettos,
the baritones.

Bring in football fans
wrestlers, tiny
little dancers.

Bring in ramps
lifts and pulleys
swings and roundabouts.

Bring in fountains

Bring in your readers
your technicians.
Bring back toilet attendants.

Bring in a new rule.
Nurses, care workers, refuse collectors.
Teachers, checkout operators, doctors.
Cleaners, porters, carers.
Please put your feet up on the seats.

Let us swing from your curtains
climb your rigging
make love in the back row.

Bring in the Edinburgh sky
the Scottish weather.
Have storm clouds gather under your roof.

Tags: Letters