Emma McCaffery

Emma McCaffery

Dear Lyceum Theatre, 


You changed my life in a very weird way. 

Story of my life but I digress. 


In 2013, I was a college student obsessed with theatre. I had tried three times to get into theatre-based work with little success. I was twenty and unsure of what to do with myself. 

I went to see “A Taste of Honey” four times and it was the fourth time that changed my life. 

Outside the stage door, an usher spoke to two of the actors. I waited for my Dad to pick me up. I am a vulnerable adult and I was still too scared to ride the bus. 

Suddenly I felt a thump on the back of my head and saw the usher fall and hit his own head on the road. The two actors just stared in horror. The usher got up and asked if I was the one who was ok. 

And in our brief discussion where we talked a bit about wanting to be on the stage – he mentioned Lung Ha Theatre. I auditioned less than a week later. 

So thanks to you, I have been working with Lung Ha since 2013 and been in large shows and tours. I have been in an NTS show and worked with Catherine Wheels on a school tour as well as other companies. I have also met lots of people I wouldn’t have met if that guy hadn’t hit me on the back of the head outside your stage door. So yeah, thanks. 

I would have been performing on your stage in Castle Lennox. It would have been a great ending, but in a bittersweet twist I will have to wait till I can finally get on your stage that inspired me to be an actor. 

I hope when the time comes, you will be proud of me. 


Emma McCaffrey – Lung Ha Actor. 

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