Eve Nicol

Eve Nicol

Letter to the Lyceum

Eve Nicol
1 May 2020 


Heyyy babe 


You up? 




I can’t stop thinking about you 


Are you thinking about me? wink 


Look, just cuz I haven’t been in touch for a while doesn’t mean I don’t care 





Sorry. You know what I’m like. I get angry at the stupidest things. So many stupid things right now. 

Which is why I was thinking about u 


How you look 

How you sound 

How you smell 

Yeah babe 

I dig it 


Mostly i was thinkin 

About being inside you 


D’you like that? 

when its just the two of us, everyone else has gone out to lunch and and we just sit. Quiet like. I maybe do some work. You sit all pretty. 


Remember the times when I’d go to the sweet nooks and crannies that haven’t been touched in years? I tell them I’m “checking sightlines” but really I’m trying and learn your secrets. 

We’ll do that soon again, I promise. 

Me and you babe 


But you like it when people watch, don’t you. 

I gotta admit 

I kinda like it when people watch too 

I watch them watching you 

All dressed up, dreamy eyed, slightly drunk.  

Drunk on you 


I watch them enjoying you, seeing you all laid out and lit up in front of them. gives me a thrill to see them appreciate you as much as I do. 

 I like it when they’re naughty and take photos of you 

Can’t blame them. I do it too. 

I even enjoy the feeling I get watching them watching you 

The jealousy 


Gets me excited and scared 

having to share OUR thing that we’ve had behind closed doors for weeks or even months, now open to anyone. Like you might forget about me now that you’re theirs. Proper jealous. Even that gets my heart going 




We are gunna do that again, right? 

This can’t be it babe. 

That we just split  

no great fanfare 

no warm white wine in crowded rooms 

no celebration of the good times  

and the not so good 




You shouldn’t listen to them who say it will never work between a thirty year old woman and a hundred and thirty seven year old A listed building 

But babe 

Did you see that great article about the woman who’s happily married the Eiffel Tower? 

Aarg ahahahaha 


I’m not saying 


Nooooo, not that we should get married 


Can you imagine! aaaaa 

You know that’s not what we do 

That’s not what this is. 

You do know I see others, right? 

But you’re my number-one girl. A listed? Bah. Babe you’re A+ to me. 

We have fun, right? 

Oh my god so much fun 


Urg you won’t believe what I did last night… 


I googled you.  

I know I know 

I just needed to check that you are as stunning as I remember.


And then I googled some other stuff  


and I’m sorry babe, one thing lead to another and I was watching stuff online and it was nothing 


(I mean, some of it was pretty good. Made me even think again about James Corden) 

But really baaabe 


Nothing compared to you and that mad heat and hush that comes down when we’re together 


Look babe, if you stay silent…  

there will be people who don’t come back 


Just saying… 


I don’t wanna be one of them 



maybe it’ll be different. 

When we’re together again. 


Maybe it’ll be noisier, busier 

might look, sound and smell different 

Maybe more people will want to watch 

dressier, drunker, dreamier 

Drinking warm white wine with you. 


Maybe it’ll be even better than before 


You there babe? 




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