Letter from Andrew

Letter from Andrew

I thought I would be enchanted by your production of "Barefoot in the Park" but it was not to be. Instead I have my own theater played out every day when working from home via my window to the world. 

Each day the curtain is drawn and the drama or comedy begins (luckily no tragedy, yet). Tom the postie, trying to whistle through the mask and making a poor job of it, the DPD delivery driver masked and gloved, taking the mask down to say "cheers" after you thank him for the delivery. The neighbor’s cat taking a liking to the conservatory roof and having to be persuaded from a ladder with a treat and much coaxing to come down. The small child grabbed at the last minute before she breaks the 6 foot rule. 
Every day is different and I wish it was the same, I wish it would end and I no longer have a view to the world. Take me back to Tanfield to our glass office in the sky where there is no curtains and only the clouds entertain. 


Andrew McManus 

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