Letter from Gavin

Letter from Gavin

Dear Lyceum Theatre 


Seems strange to be writing this. In these days of uncertainty, darkness and fear it's as though time stands still. It's almost as if someone has pressed the pause button on the lives of everyone involved adults, babies buildings alike and that includes you. You with your beautiful clear glass doors, your welcoming atmosphere, the smiling faces of your staff. Your feeling of home. These times for me feel weird yet strangely poetic, a time for memories. You see in 2012 I was a drama college student with Fife College's Acting and Performance Department and as part of the course we were given the opportunity to see your production of the Guid Sisters. So sitting there in that grand auditorium with it's beautiful architecture I was enchanted. Enchanted by the performers, the sets, the everything that your production had to offer. I knew then at age seventeen, while watching this incredible performance cocoon  in your atmosphere. I knew then that what I was watching on your grand stage. I knew what the actors were doing  I wanted to do. I knew I had made the right choice in life. And so my dear friend the Lyceum I want to thank you. For giving me an amazing experience but also putting my mind at rest and helping me let go of the struggles of my life and do what I wanted to do. 


Stay Strong and shine on my dear friend 


Gavin Yule 

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