Letter from Isabel

Letter from Isabel

Dear Lyceum, 

I write as an older person (elderly really, but I hate that word!) and Lyceum subscriber of 30+ years. 

What joy there has been in increased stamina! From maybe, on a good day, a two mile walk in week 1 of lockdown to 4-5 miles after 9 weeks! 

Living in a flat, what enjoyment the Spring gardens give. Never have so many newly painted fences, weedless gardens, delivery vans, happy walkers, empty buses, been seen and remarked upon. 

Formerly reserved Edinburgh residents have risen to the challenge and 'Pavement Etiquette' soon evolved. Thanks to all who keep their distance, with rueful smile or murmured thanks. No thanks to a few runners who puff silently up from behind and don't think they need to swerve out to ' socially distance'! 

So many families on bicycles, with children cycling on the pavements, but we don't mind as it's so good for them to be out. 

Pleasure taken in services streamed live from Greenbank Church with many involved from their homes. These are an inspiration and comfort. The weekly online photo competition is great fun and lets us see where others have walked. 

We do see people flouting the rules (selfish?) i.e. my pleasure/ convenience matters more than your health/ safety. But for our own mental health eventually have had to say, not my problem, but theirs, or worry would lead to more sleepless nights. 

From my perspective, there's been time to read two newspapers instead of one, walk in wonderful weather, do jigsaws together with my husband, find the old keyboard (unused for 15+ years), try to learn a language online, bake, phone and email friends and learn to video call! 

It has been a bit of a challenge to adapt to different ways and had we known at week 1 what lay ahead we would have despaired, but because the pandemic changes have come gradually to us, we are accepting of how it must be till better times come, whilst appreciating how much harder it is for those living alone, or in cramped conditions, or with illness or death at the door. 

I can't envisage a life with no theatre but believe the heartbreaking decision to close our much-loved Lyceum till Spring 2021 is the right one and only hope ways can be found to let us enjoy the treasures theatre offers. 

Yours in hopefulness, 

Isabel Graham 

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