Letter from Jenny

Letter from Jenny

The Virus as I see it 

Jenny Pearson 22/04/20 


The dogs keep running 

The cats keep purring 

The flowers keep blooming 


They know nothing of the officious 

notices spoiling the park benches 


They know nothing of the daily deaths 


The children keep riding 

The scooter and bike brigades 

are herded ‘that distance’ 

away from all 


That measurement that will 

forever signal required separation 


The virtual hug, the socially 

distanced smile 


Yet the rainbows keep coming 

Their colours shine from windows 

and pavements 


The children keep laughing 

The music keeps playing 


There are some givens in this 

uncertain world 


The sun keeps rising 

The sun keeps setting 


The gardens are tidied 

The jigsaws completed 

The fences mended 

The gates painted 


How will it all appear 

when we look back at this time? 


The chalk gifts on driveways 

in front of cleared out garages 


The spring-cleaned homes 

in the warmth of April 


The blossom comes 

The daffs go 

The birds sing 

The fledglings arrive 


We will sit on the benches 

in parks once more 

We will be allowed to pause 

To hear the burn flowing 


The applause will fade 

The rubber gloves will be removed 

The masks will no longer cover 

both smiles and tears 


Our new heroes will go on 

The buses will fill up 

We will breathe differently 


We will be less fearful 

less wary 


We will miss our community 

or will we sustain our 

precious connections? 


The shared clapping 

The lone pipers 

The neon window signs 

The classical music 

The bells ringing 


How will Thursday nights be? 


How noticed will those delivery  

drivers be? 


How welcome will the Royal Mail 



How will the refuse collectors 

be treated? 


Will those with the initials 

NHS on their uniforms 

disappear from our conscious psyche? 


Will we remember who to honour? 

Will we thank those who we no 

longer take for granted? 


Will the video and artistic creativity 

ebb away? 


As the speed picks up 

As the days fill in different ways 

As we live on, beyond 

the end of the rainbows 


As the new beginning unfolds 

As we reflect on what was, 

What came to be and 

Where they join 


“Stay safe, stay well, stay home” 

Where will they come to 


In history or in the future? 

In the past or in the now? 


The before, the after 

The hugs will feel new 

The kisses like gold 

The planet will wonder what might 

have been 


The dogs keep running 

The cats keep purring 

The flowers keep blooming 

The butterflies will keep landing 


The tadpoles will leave 

The window-sill bears will 

hibernate once more 


The schools will reopen 

to a grateful generation 

The rainbows will 

disappear from windows, 

but never from the sky 


Those of us who were spared 

must carry “lest we forget” 

forever within our souls 


Our onward journey will 

be different – 

the route 

the speed 

the destination, the news 

The meaning of “key”, the definition of “essential” 

But the dogs will keep running 

The cats will keep purring 

The flowers will keep blooming. 


What will we then come to miss? 

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