Letter from Linda G

Letter from Linda G

Dear Lyceum,

From one who is nearly an old lady to another who is, what I have to say is not an exposition on history of theatre and your very important part in that, but rather a note of appreciation from a friend who misses your usual lively presence.

Your memorable performances over the years are too many to mention but I am sure you will agree that Local Hero was a triumph. Do you think it credible to liken the villagers of Furness and their efforts to get the better of the Happer global giant, to your Lyceum family doing their best to deal with this current global pandemic? Once their encounter was over, the phone in that iconic phone box still kept on ringing. Box Office phones will still ring and keep on ringing.

Perhaps some of us will call to buy the tickets with a bit more appreciation of what you have on offer. It isn’t just a particular show, but the whole shared experience of anticipation, transportation to where the performance takes us, and reflecting on the whole event that is sorely missed. And of course, the meeting of acquaintances in the Foyer and friends in the Bar for a drink or two.

Although there has been no opportunity in recent weeks to go to any live performance of anything anywhere, there has been time for imagination to take a dramatic turn. As a lady of a certain age, you are allowed to keep your secrets and to be a bit wild from time to time. I would like to think you have taken this opportunity to encourage your ghost, Ellen Terry to invite her contemporaries and all the Lyceum ghostly chums who would like to come back, to play to the echo of full houses. Imagine the reminiscences as they read their names in the archived programmes. Imagine the best post show parties in evening dress and black tie. I bet you can’t see who’s who through the fog from so many cigarettes in long holders and cigars. What fun! We will never know what went on under the chandelier behind your closed doors in these strange days.

Changed days. You have embraced the changes and moved with the times. Less formal, more daring, and willing to continue your drive forward to make what you offer accessible to everyone. To be serious for a moment, Article 27(1) of The International Declaration of Human Rights stating Everyone has the right to fully participate in the cultural life of the community and enjoy the arts ...... is an acknowledgement of the importance to our well being of the Arts in the wider sense and to Theatre in particular because that’s your bag. Your brood appears to be untiring in their work to make that a reality, so take pride in this work to make your magic available to those who might not otherwise get the chance.

Well, Dear Lady, while we are still uncertain of what your new normal will be, bring it on Lyceum! Whether we have to sit two seats apart, wear masks, or take any other precaution you must dictate, we will be back for sure. Good luck with

your attempts to maintain social distancing in the queue for the Ladies Loo!

All the Best,

Linda Greig

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