Letter from Lita

Letter from Lita

I can't deny that right now I want to turn the corner off Cambridge Street and forget where you are for a moment and play our little game of hide and seek that has been going on for some time now.  You always win ay?  Largely because I'm always on my own collecting tickets, hoping I've booked the right day, hopeless without a map or a friend. 

I miss resting my head on the back of a seat to look up at your chandelier waiting for the show to start or pre-ordering gin like it is the first time.  You always take me somewhere new and I'm in need of that. 

I want you to know that, there are sunshine and smiles and flowers in our separate corners but with your day time finery and discreet positioning, you are missed.  I hope, that after the isolation ends that the good times are still alive inside you to warm me through when we do both meet again inside the theatre, bar or ticket office. 

I don't imagine you mind being empty or that you feel truly dark with all the golden colours on your ceiling that misbehave,  having a life of their own.   They light you up Lady Lyceum, inside and outside of you.  It is the friend inside you that I miss though.  hat is what I want to say.  The mirror above the sink in the ladies loo knows the truth of my face so well, the different types of silver on that glass glint back at me. 

One day the coffee bars that lead into your Festival Square will open again dissolving the distance between your beating heart and the heroes thumping a path along Lothian Road.  You hold my space, perched incognito casting a shadow creating a place only you and I know.   

You will again take me to places new. I know, because I'm leaving the wardrobe door open for you. 


To you, 

Lita Doolan 

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