Martin O’Connor

Martin O’Connor

It’s the half hour call
But nobody’s listening
A stage manager should be saying it
Around about now.

You see
We don’t normally go dark
We charge through July and August
But here we are Dark in the spring
And dark in the summer
And maybe the autumn
And maybe the winter.

This would have been our
Fifteen minute call
Maybe I think now
Aye probably about right
If everything had gone to plan

But instead I got the Out of Office:
Thanks for your email
I’m sorry but we’re
Due to the current situation
We have taken the decision to
The difficult decision toIn line with advice
The unprecedented
Accept our wishes
Accept our apologies.

Thanks for getting in touch
As you know
As you may be aware
Obviously you are aware
We’re not able
We’re not in a position right now
We’re not open until
But maybe in a few weeks
But maybe we’re looking at months
Which is obviously
The new normal
But in the meantime
We hope you find this useful

If it hadn’t happened
Give or take
Sometime now
Would have been the
Ten minute call

We are intending
And remaining
And planning
And expecting
And intending
And we are
And still hope
And may
At some point
We are certain to

We’re putting together a list
We’ll have a call out soon
Online platforms
Digital platforms
Digital opportunities
Platform opportunities
We’ll see you there
We’ll arrange a time
And we’ll send you the code.

And when it would have been
The five
We would make our way down
But of course we’re notdoing that
Cause of course, of course
We’re still in the house.

You see this isn’t dark
It’s just that you can’t see anything.
This isn’t an empty stage
It’s just a moment between acts
This isn’t silence
It’s usta breath
This isn’t dark
It’s just

There will come a time
When won’t be dark
There will come a time
When we’ll be light.

And we’ll hold our breath
Like we’re holding it now
And wait in the wings
Like we’re waiting now
And pause for a minute
Like this one now
And wait for permission to move
And wait for those words to be spoke

Beginners Please

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