Adopt a Lyceum Honey Bee

Lyceum Bees

We are one of the only theatres in Scotland to give honey bees a home!


We’ve partnered with an experienced Edinburgh Bee Keeper and are delighted to be playing a small part in reducing the decline of the honeybee. Our roof is the perfect home for our two hives, with plenty of tree pollen for the bees to forage in Princes Street Gardens and The Meadows.

You don’t need to be a beekeeper to help the plight of the honey bee. Support The Lyceum’s green initiatives by adopting one of the 70,000 bees that are now resident in the hives on our theatre roof.


Money raised from bee adoptions will be put towards environmental improvements such as energy saving lighting, electric vehicles and efficient heating. By adopting a bee you are helping us become a truly sustainable theatre in the heart of our Capital City, protecting the environment whilst supporting endangered honey bees.  

Whether it’s a Worker Bee or an entire Hive, each contribution will help fund the work we can undertake to ensure we are more sustainable.

For all queries about Adopting a Lyceum Honey Bee please phone Mairi Rosko, Development Director on 0131 248 4831 or email

For more details about supporting The Lyceum, please visit