What to expect when returning to The Lyceum


Click here for a video walking you through what to expect on your return to The Lyceum this August 

We are delighted to be reopening for performances this August, as we welcome the return of the Edinburgh International Festival to our theatre. We have spent the past few months working hard to ensure that we have the appropriate safety measures in place to make coming back to The Lyceum safe and enjoyable for our audiences, our staff and our performers. This page will provide you with more information on what to expect when returning to the theatre..  

Last updated: 1 August 2021


What we’re doing to keep you safe:  


What you can do to help us: 



How will you maintain social distancing in the venue? 

We have re-configured our auditorium such that the stage has been built out across the entirety of the stalls. The new, expanded stage allows for socially distanced seating across the stalls.
We will also allow bubbles to book into distanced sections of our upper and grand circle areas, each of which have separate entrances.
Significantly restricted audiences numbers will allow for ease of maintaining social distance

Do I need to wear a face covering?  

In line with the latest government guidelines, we ask all guests to wear a mask or face covering for the duration of their visit to the theatre, including during the performance. Masks may be removed if eating or drinking. All theatre staff will also be wearing masks and the box office has a clear screen to protect customers and staff. 

We understand and support anybody who is unable to wear a mask due to physical, mental or hidden disability. 

Is it possible to buy a walk-up ticket? / Can I pay with cash at the theatre? 

At present, all tickets must be booked online in advance of the show. 

What if I am concerned about another visitor’s behaviour? 

If you are concerned about someone’s behaviour during your visit, please speak to one of our staff members, who will be on hand around the venue to give assistance and deal with any queries. They will look into the situation for you and take action if necessary. All our staff will be receiving training prior to reopening in how to handle such situations. 

Please be aware that not everyone is able to wear a mask or face coverings, for reasons that may not be apparent or obvious. We ask visitors to respect each other and act with kindness and empathy.  

Are you using a Test and Trace system?  

Yes – the Test and Trace system is an important way for all organisations to safeguard against the impact and spread of the pandemic. Most of the information we need is already collected with your booking, however please make sure that you do include your phone number in the booking process. This is mandatory for all visitors, and the information will be shared with NHS Test and Trace in a GDPR compliant manner. 

How far in advance of the show should I arrive? 

We will be allowing visitors with tickets into the auditorium 30 mins before the show commences to allow plenty of time to find your seat and avoid queues or multiples parties entering at once.  

Can I get a refund if I don’t attend?  

If you or a member of your party are unwell, begin to show symptoms or are advised to self-isolate and cannot attend the show, you will be offered a full refund

Can I get a refund if the government guidelines change and the event gets cancelled? 

In the event of cancellation for any reason, we will offer a full refund to all ticketholders.  

Can I sit with someone from a different household? 

You can choose who you bubble with in our allocated seating, but group sizes are limited by the seating groups available when booking and cannot be changed to allow us to ensure social distancing between bubbled seats in the auditorium

Is the bar open?  

Unfortunately the bars will be closed during performances in August, but you may bring soft drinks to consume at your seats

Are the toilets open? 

Yes, all our toilets will be open with access to one person / bubbled group at a time - as audience numbers are limited we do not anticipate that this will lead to significant queues

Will the cloakroom be open?  

No, our cloakroom will be closed to keep staff and visitors safe.