A Midsummer Night's Dream

A lovely ‘Dream’

A review of A Midsummer Night's Dream
Alasdair H Macinnes

Excellent sound effects braced the audience for this fine production.  Sickbed watch faded into a dreamworld, where the Bard's characters brought the timeless matter of love's struggle with reality into vivid life.

Snow fell-or was it confetti?  Mistaken identity, or fear of infidelity?

There were no easy answers;  but much good acting entertained even the most cynical schoolkids!

Some of the dialect was pure Para Handy.

Woods are a good place to hide, and to lose your identity.

Fathers owned their daughter's choice of husband.  Or not.  The generation gap was as wide as ever.

The Wall was a metaphor for poor communication, and the 'mechanicals' give us much to laugh-and ponder about.

No names, no pack drill.  This was a well performed version of a most enjoyable Shakespeare play by a fine team.

My mind flashed up an unexpected link to Sorley Maclean's poetry:

  "And my intellect said to my love
   duality is not for us;
   we mingle in love".

Dream on.