Lenton didn’t find his big fish

A review of A Midsummer Night's Dream
Reviewer: Oscar

SO MANY distinctive and substantial concepts used to tell the story...all, perhaps, brilliant. 

Unfortunately, there was not ONE true voice to be heard.  SO MUCH talent within and throughout the production.  Unfortunately, it was lost by not having a solid voice to follow.

Costumes - glorious.  Sound & Lighting - extraordinary - but designs were completely lost within the fickleness of the overall vision.

I walk away only caring for Helena.  Ms. Gallagher creates TIME on the stage and I followed her.  She fully committed to the direction, didn't STRIVE for an extra laugh and made Mr. Shakespear's character sound as if was written yesterday. If I saw her on the street I would call her Helena and reach for her hand. 

Overall - a plethora of valiant efforts that just didn't connect. "SO QUICK, BRIGHT THINGS COME TO CONFUSION"