A bitter-sweet taste

A review of A Taste of Honey
Alasdair H Macinnes

Much good acting, especially by the two Ryans and Ms Black.  The boy sang well, too!

A most interesting set, revolving seamlessly to keep the action going.  Good lighting.

Despite the time-lag, some issues, like the relationship between mother and daughter don't go away.  Nor do things like poverty or 'loose' moral behaviour, or racism. 

Sometimes, the main characters address the audience very directly-almost appealingly.  -"D'you know..?"

Who can answer?

The lodging is itself almost a black hole.  You could get lost in it.

There is an element of self-pity about Jo and Helen, and a recyling of roles.  Victorian melodrama is mentioned in a setting of the industrial North of England.

Three are cackling rhymes and somewhat over-long periods where nothing happens.

Some laughter, and much sadness.  Geoff's gay persona seems a little weak by today's 'standards'.

Bout then, who are we to judge?  A pregnant pause...