A box of chocolates - lots to enjoy but needs more of your favourites

A review of Cinderella
Reviewer: Doug Marr

Many aspects of the show were first class. The quality of the acting was superb with memorable performances from Jo Freer and Nicola Roy as the "ugly sisters" and Jayne McKenna made an excellent villain. Spencer Charles Noll as Boy was a great foil to both Cinderella and the baddies.

The first scene of the 2nd half when everyone goes to the Princes garden for a meal was great fun. The singing did not work quite as well as the acting however and at times a struggle to get the balance between the level of the music and singing right. It was the first night though.

My only significant issue is who is the target audience? Pantomimes ideally should be suitable for audiences of all ages from 4 upwards. Children under 10 may not find this version of Cinderella as appealing - the necessary dark moments were not counterbalanced by sufficient light ones. We enjoyed it but would not take our young grandson to it.