The Guid Sisters

Great waste of talent!

A review of The Guid Sisters
Joe A

I would have left at half time but had a friend in the cast.  The play was banal soap opera, very dated.  For much of the play the cast shouted at each other to the point when I was ready to scream myself. 

There were some really nice choric pieces, where rhythm was used to good effect.  The highlight for me was the final scene which was worthy of a Greek tragedy - the play at last soared - just before the curtain fell.

The treatment of the old lady in the wheelchair was shameful and not in the least funny - not even in a slapstick style.

To employ 15 top actresses to perform this tired unfunny play is shameful waste of talent.

What I can't understand is that a lot of the critics loved it!  A friend who saw it the same evening shared my views.