The Guid Sisters

A guid laugh?

A review of The Guid Sisters
Reviewer: Alasdair H Macinnes

'Shout!' was an appropriately loud introduction for this  all-female cast.  Scots dialect-mingled with occasional Anglo-Saxon-was used to portray woman power,and teamwork amid poverty.  Or perhaps not.

The stamps windfall should have led to neighbourly harmony, instead of betrayal and despair.

Double standards, religious or moral, prevailed.

Men were evil, sex-mad ogres.  Bingo was king-I mean queen.

The choral pieces were tuneful, the lighting effects were  good.

Karen Dunbar shone;  but good acting needs a strong script.

There was appreciative applause at moments of slapstick and a well-remembered list of interminable length.

There were thoughtful silences.

The community turned on one another.  "Et tu, Brute" sprang to mind, as did another quotation.

Something to do with brevity and.. the soul..oh, and 'wit'.