Lyceum at Edinburgh International Festival 2022

Welcome to Lyceum at Edinburgh International Festival 2022
Part of Lyceum at the Festivals 2022

The Lyceum is committed to making great theatre and working with leading artists to bring captivating stories and spectacle to our audiences and this summer is no exception.

We will be working across the Festivals in 2022 to offer a festival full of drama, opening up spaces around our building and across the city to bring new stories to the stage as part of both the Fringe and Edinburgh International Book Festivals. We will also be hosting three productions from Edinburgh International Festival; Counting and Cracking, Samsara and You Know We Belong Together

Counting and Cracking is a profoundly moving story of love and political strife, of home and exile, of parents and children. The story follows the journey of one Sri Lankan-Australian family over four generations, from 1956 to 2004, featuring nineteen performers hailing from six different countries: Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, New Zealand and France. Whilst Samsara, inspired by the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, is a spellbinding piece for two dancers that traces the steps we take, both forward and backward, in search of our higher selves. Finally, You Know We Belong Together brings the untold stories of performers with Down Syndrome to life in a heartfelt and upbeat show, inspired by performer Julia Hales' passion for the classic Australian soap opera Home and Away.

We hope you’ll be able to join us for what promises to be a sensational year at the Festivals.