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What Are They Like?
by Lucinda Coxon
Existential angst, mood swings, fashion fiascos, terrifying physical changes, never enough money... And that's just the parents. How well do you know yours?

The Guffin
by Howard Brenton

Four young people hanging out in a derelict house find a strange object; it's the Guffin. Touch it and your life is changed forever.

Mobile Phone Show
by Jim Cartwright

A communication cacophony, a fully charged up chorus line of chaos in a rhapsody of rap, text, tweet and gabble.

Alie and the Alien
by Morna Pearson

Allie is a human and things have been going wrong for her for a while now. Finn is an alien who has crash landed on earth. When Finn take a shine to Allie things suddenly start going right in her life. But when Finn is summoned to return home everything begins to unravel.

by Lenny Henry

A bunch of mates have been challenged to put together a reggae sound system to perform at a 'Sound Clash' a recreation of a legendary music competition between DJs and MCs. None of them have the money or the equipment. But they do know a little kid whose dad used to be a DJ. Deep in the cellar of Lil Kid’s house, they find out more about music than they could possibly have imagined.

I'm Spilling My Heart Out Here
by Stacey Gregg

It’s the daily scramble across no-man’s-land: you flinch as you pass those even more clueless than you strewn from the barbed wire of exams, first dates, evil former best mates… but hell’s ok if you stick together.

Don't Feed the Animals
by Jemma Kennedy

Sparks Circus is on its way down. The owners have been forced to sell their star attraction Tiny the elephant and a rival circus is poaching their artistes. With a busy bank holiday weekend approaching, it’s down to acrobatic twins Zack and Missy to fill the house and stop their family business from going under. When a local gang of bored youths volunteers to help them, the twins are faced with the task of training an un-trainable mob in circus skills.

We Lost Elijah
by Ryan Craig

Elijah’s older brother and two friends were charged with getting him home safely while the riots were raging. Somewhere en- route, something happened and they didn’t make it home together. Did Elijah get caught up in the events or was there another reason for his disappearance?