The Guid Sisters

The Guid Sisters


"one of the greatest plays of the 20th century, remarkable on many levels... a superb production"
The Guardian ★★★★★

"a play that speaks to audiences all over the world... a joyful experience"
The Scotsman ★★★★

"funny to its riotous core... a telling indictment of patriarchal capitalism"
The Herald ★★★★

"There’s no stopping the sheer life-affirming energy of the 15 women on stage"
The Times ★★★★ (paywall)

"Denoncourt does an admirable job of marshalling this large ensemble"
The List ★★★★

"Performances throughout are excellent"
Edinburgh Spotlight ★★★★

"a stunning group performance...  vital, ferociously satirical theatre"
TV Bomb ★★★★

"gloriously rich and vibrant... delivered with vital authenticity"
Edinburgh Guide ★★★★

"thought-provoking theatre which never forgets to entertain... The language is a joy, dripping with the juice of real life, and genuinely poetic"
The Arts Desk ★★★★

"a fire-cracker of a production that explodes on stage with verve, wit, and raw good humour"
Lothian Life ★★★★

"a powerful ensemble... riveting"
The Observer (don't award stars)

"scintillating... a superb melange of comic levity and sudden poignancy... a landmark play"
Sunday Herald (don't award stars)

"a big, exciting and vibrant production... hugely enjoyable"
The Stage (don't award stars)

a superb revival… the exuberance of the piece and the performers shines through... An absolute must-see"
British Theatre Guide (don't award stars) 


Previews and Interviews

"I have directed this play in French three times and I refused to direct it in any other language. Then I saw the Scottish translation, and I thought it was brilliant."
The List

"When Les Belles Souers opened in Montreal in 1968, it shook the theatre to its very rafters"

"the play has proved so phenomenally successful and, on its debut, even incendiary"
The Scotsman

"Without this tale of 15 women... a generation of Scots playwrights might never have expressed themselves so vigorously in their own voice."
The Herald

"I can honestly say I have never wanted to play a part as much as I did this one when I read the script."  
Daily Record