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Talk Show - Twelfth Night

The Whirligig of Time –
Shakespeare, Psychedelia and the ‘60s

Panel includes Andrew Greig, Mike Heron and Tim Crouch

Fresh insight, music and ideas from unexpected places.

We invite artists, authors and thinkers to come and watch a show with us. Hosted by David Greig, they take to the stage to share their response to the themes of the play with our audiences. Expect ideas, insight and stimulation through short talks, song, music, poetry and conversation.

The events are free but ticketed.


Andrew Greig is a full time writer, living in Edinburgh and Orkney. He has published over twenty books of Poetry, Non-fiction and Novels. A theatrical version of his Micro-Odyssey dingy sail in Scapa Flow to overnight on the abandoned island of Cava was directed by David Greig at the Traverse, with Tam Dean Burn, Lewis Howden, and Rachel Newton as musician. His most recent book is You Know What You Could Be (Quercus) written with Mike Heron of the Incredible String Band, a ‘double-headed memoir’ of making music in Scotland in the Sixties. He and Mike and Georgia Seddon have done a number of Music and Poetry concerts together.

Mike Heron is a Scottish singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, best known for his work in the acclaimed Incredible String Band. In 2017 he collaborated with friend Andrew Greig on a memoir You Know What You Could Be: Tuning into the 1960s. Heron's part of the book, an account of his life from 1957 to 1966, occupies pages 5-104.


Tim Crouch is an Obie-award winning UK-based theatre-maker.  He was an actor for many years before starting to write – and he still performs in much of his work.  His plays include My Arm, ENGLAND (a play for galleries), An Oak Tree, The Author, Adler & Gibb and (with Andy Smith) what happens to the hope at the end of the evening. Tim tours his work nationally and internationally. He also writes for younger audiences. A series of plays inspired by Shakespeare’s lesser characters includes the celebrated I, Malvolio - Twelfth Night told from Malvolio’s perspective.  Tim has directed many playsincluding a selection of work for the Royal Shakespeare Company - all for young audiences. His latest play Beginners openened at the Unicorn Theatre, London ealier this year. Tim is published by Oberon Books.

Dates and Times

Friday 5 October, 5pm


FREE but ticketed