An Evening with an Immigrant

Inua Ellams and Fuel present

An Evening with an Immigrant
Written and Performed Inua Ellams

Born to a Muslim father and a Christian mother in what is now considered by many to be Boko Haram territory, award-winning poet and playwright Inua Ellams left Nigeria for England in 1996 aged 12, moved to Ireland for three years, before returning to London and starting work as a writer and graphic designer.

Part of this story was documented in his autobiographical Fringe First Award-winning play The 14th Tale, but much of it is untold. Littered with poems, stories and anecdotes, Inua tells his ridiculous, fantastic, poignant immigrant-story of escaping fundamentalist Islam, experiencing prejudice and friendship in Dublin, performing solo at the National Theatre, and drinking wine with the Queen of England, all the while without a country to belong to or place to call home.

As part of the act of sharing stories and experiences of migration and global human movement across borders, An Evening with an Immigrant will coincide with Refugee Week 2021.

An Evening with an Immigrant was filmed at The Bridge Theatre in November 2020, and is presented on Fuel Digital. English captions available.

Cast and Credits

Written and Performed - Inua Ellams
Music Selection by - DJ Sid Mercutio
A Film by - Tea Films
Title Sequence by - Airship 23
Captions by - Stagetext

The show is being presented in partnership with multiple venues from across the UK including the Albany, ArtsDepot, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Coombe Farm Studios, Curve Theatre, Derby Theatre, Leeds Playhouse, Lyceum Theatre, Lyric Theatre, Norwich Arts Centre, Omnibus Theatre, Pound Arts, Rose Theatre and Stratford Circus.

Dates, Times & Prices


15/6/2021: Stream 1 (7.30pm)
16/6/2021: Stream 2 (7.30pm)
17/6/2021: Stream 3 (7.30pm)
18/6/2021: Stream 4 (9.00pm)
19/6/2021: Stream 5 (7.30pm)



Run Time: 

90 minutes, including a 1-minute interval

Free tickets will be available to schools and community groups, via Fuel’s Community Ticket Scheme, delivered in partnership with each partner venue. For more information, please contact Fuel’s Engagement Producer, Georgia Dale on or

Take Part


Hosted by writer Maddy CostaTheatre Club is an open, friendly space for audiences to meet post-show and share what they thought. It’s not like a Q&A – no one who made the show will be there – so we can ask each other questions and say what we really felt, whether we were fascinated, bored, annoyed, confused or anything in between. 

Thursday 17th June 2021 at 9.10PM – Click here to book for free!*

*Please note: booking a place at Theatre Club does not give you access to the show! You need to book a separate ticket to see An Evening with an Immigrant here and to be able to join the Theatre Club conversation you should watch any performance from Tuesday 15 to Thursday 17 June.

Press Coverage

“He is unapologetically Black, he is raw, he is honest, and he left me feeling proud. Proud of him, proud of my race and proud of how far we have come. He shows that immigrants are resilient and full of strength"

"Inua Ellams spins his tale with humour, relaxed elegance and megawatt charisma"

"It’s both a great love letter to family and a moving testament of the migrant experience"

The Arts Desk

"It’s testament to Ellams’s extraordinary talent that this autobiographical show is as engrossing as it is.”
London Theatre

"This is his story, but he is unpushily polemical on behalf of others trapped in the UK’s immigration system.”
The Guardian