Call and Response - Edinburgh International Festival

The Departure Lounge

Across the three weeks of the International Festival, a series of performances and discussions bring together thinkers, artists and you, to consider and challenge the themes and ideas presented in the You Are Here programme.

Call and Response
2pm | 1hr 40mins approx. (one interval)
The Lyceum Rehearsal Studio

A series of performances by UK-based artists that offer an opportunity to explore ideas in the programme and encourage audiences to join the conversation. The works reflect connections and contradictions, the parallels and paradoxes in how we see the world and understand our place in it.


Lament for Sheku Bayoh
5-7 August 2019 - For more information

8-10 August 2019 - For more information

10-12 August 2019 - For more information

The Happy Tragedy of Being Woke
15-17 August 2019 - For more information

So Many Reasons
19-21 August 2019 - For more information

22-24 August 2019 - For more information

Dates, Times & Prices

5—24 August (excl. Sundays), 2pm