An image taken of one of Dario Fo's paintings, featuring a woman in a colourful dress and headscarf against a green background

Dancing with Colours, Whipping with Words, Dario Fo Exhibition

Dancing with Colours, Whipping with Words

Dario Fo’s work as a visual artist is little known outside italy, but it was art not theatre that he studied in his youth. His first paintings date from the 1940s, and he has worked in many styles, producing portraits, landscapes, fantasy works, politically committed works for today and others inspired by Italy's great masters or by mythology. Fo’s visual art shares many of the qualities of his writing – exuberance, radicalism and anger combined with a love of storytelling and a deep awareness of history. This is the first UK exhibition.

Work is being exhibited at The Lyceum, the Scottish Storytelling Centre and the Italian Cultural Institute.

Part of Luminate: Scotland’s creative ageing festival

Dates, Times & Prices


  • Thursday 6 – Saturday 8 October 2016
    11am – 7.30pm


  • Tuesday 11 – Saturday 15 October 2016
    11am – 7.30pm
  • Thursday 20 - Saturday 22 Oct
    11am – 4pm


  • FREE admission