Educating Agnes

Educating Agnes

By Liz Lochhead
Based on L'ecole des Femmes by Moliere
Directed by Tony Cownie

I'm going to marry a sweet, pure, simple girl... your intellectual types, they make my toes curl

Scottish National Poet Liz Lochhead's new translation of Moliere's great comedy, The School for Wives, adapted and re-titled, is, like the original, in razor sharp, wicked, rhyming couplets.

Ageing bachelor Arnolphe, obsessed by the fear of being cuckolded, decides to marry his pure and innocent ward Agnes and mould her into the absolute ideal wife... Only he hasn't told her yet. And, unbeknownst to him, Agnes has already fallen for handsome young Horace who, unaware of Arnolphe's intentions, trustingly confides to the older man the madly-in-love young pair's marriage plans.

Insanely jealous, Arnolphe plots against his rival with increasingly outrageous and hilarious consequences, as he attempts to school his intended wife.

Liz Lochhead is renowned for her rhyming Moliere translations for the Lyceum into, in turn, Scots (Tartuffe) and devastatingly accurate, modern, colloquial, Scots-English (Miseryguts). We are delighted to present her most recent translation; Educating Agnes.


Cast and Credits

The cast of Educating Agnes

Lewis Howden - Chrysalde
Peter Forbes - Arnolphe
Steve McNicoll - Alain
Kathryn Howden - Georgette
Nicola Roy - Agnes
Mark Prendergast - Horace
Crawford Logan - Orante

The creative team of Educating Agnes

Director - Tony Cownie
Designer - Hayden Griffin


Our production trailer for Educating Agnes

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Dates, Times & Prices

This production has now ended

Audience Feedback

Audience feedback for this production

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"beautifully done... a brilliant script"
Blog post by guestperspective

"Fabulous evening... brilliantly witty and real fun. A Scottish treat!"
@Cunningham_CJ on Twitter

"great rhymes & laughs"
@StuartSmithNB on Twitter

"the best piece of theatre I've seen in ages. Just brilliant"
@KirstynSmith on Twitter

"pure entertainment... stone wall, nailed on five star quality... if you miss it, and you’ve read this, then frankly I despair"
Mark Gorman on Wordpress

"Liz Lochhead hits exactly the right note"
Audience review by Elaine MacNiven

"for her take on Molière's L'ecole des Femmes
I would have to mark her ten out ten."
Audience review by Metal Mickey

Press Coverage


"Fiercely witty and thought provoking."
The Scotsman - ★★★★

"bubbles with wit and charm"
The List - ★★★★

"cheeky, witty and linguistically playful... a daft, boisterous, big-hearted comedy"
The Guardian - ★★★★

"delightful performances"
Edinburgh Spotlight - ★★★★

"a complete linguistic delight... timeless yet right up to date"
Lothian Life - ★★★★

"laughter throughout the auditorium"
TVBomb - ★★★★

"the magic of Moliere is very much alive"
The Journal - ★★★★


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