Two sailing boats , one yellow and one blue float in the shelter of the harbour

Harbour - Luminate Festival

Lyceum Original Sixty, in association with Luminate Festival and the Traverse Theatre, present


A beautiful Scottish village. A peaceful community. Idyllic lives. Until rumours and suspicion start to spread. We see a community challenged by change in the place they know to be home. Inspired by David Greig’s adaptation of Local Hero, Lyceum Original Sixty explore the idea of community, love and communication in search of their own local hero.

Harbour has been created by Lyceum Original Sixty who are The Lyceum’s 60+ group. Part of the Luminate Festival, celebrating creative ageing.

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*Please note that this performance will be held at the Traverse Theatre.

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Luminate at the Lyceum As part of Luminate Festival, we are offering audience members and participants a chance to gain a further insight into the work we do at The Lyceum and the shows we create with our 60+ group; Lyceum Original Sixty. For further information and booking on workshops, click hereFor information and booking on backstage tours, click here.

Cast and Credits

Cast and Creative Team

Directors: Jordan Blackwood & Katie Mitchell

Producers: Katie Mitchell & Kerrie Walker

Production Manager: Lottie Avery

Assistant Director: Kate Stevens

Performed and devised by: Lyceum Original Sixty

Dates, Times & Prices

16 May 20:00 Traverse Theatre

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Full price £7 / Concessions £5


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