Lyceum Christmas Tales

A collection of new tales for Christmas by Andy Cannon, Hamaad Chaudhry, Tony Cownie, Robert Softley Gale, Louise Ironside, Jackie Kay, Denise Mina, Mara Menzies, Karine Polwart, Lynda Radley, Shona Reppe, and Morna Young
Project created and curated by Zinnie Harris. Commissioned by the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh.

Directed by Zinnie Harris and Wils Wilson
Designed by Tom Piper

Join us this festive season for a Christmas offering unlike any other. Lyceum Christmas Tales is an advent calendar of 12 stories for audiences in Edinburgh and beyond, combining new and familiar festive tales penned and performed by some of Scotland’s best-loved writers, musicians and artists.

Originally released as an advent calendar of tales, all 12 tales are now available to watch by clicking here

The eight individual tales are free to watch – our Christmas gift to you. The Final Live show, recorded Live on the Lyceum Stage is now available to watch on demand from £10 with all proceeds supporting The Lyceum


A Fairy Tale
by Morna Young. Storyteller Cal MacAninch

Nyanya and the Mighty Whizz!
Written and performed by Mara Menzies

The Stage’s Door
Written and performed by Andy Cannon

A Wee Bird Was Watching
Written and performed by Karine Polwart
From the album Laws of Motion by Karine Polwart with Steven Polwart and Inge Thomson (Hudson Records). Film co-created by Karine Polwart & Wils Wilson.
A Wee Bird Was Watching is published on Birlinn Books with illustrations by Kate Leiper.

Tiny Tim
by Robert Softley Gale. Storyteller Garry Robson

Santa is a Superhero
by Denise Mina. Storyteller Neshla Caplan

Miracle In Muirhouse
by Tony Cownie. Storyteller Tam Dean Burn

Bobby and Rabia
by Hammaad Chaudry. Storyteller Shyvonne Ahmmad


The Christmas Ghost
by Louise Ironside. Storyteller Ryan Hunter

Christmas with Angela Davis
by Jackie Kay. Storyteller Helen Katamba

The Returning of the Light
by Lynda Radley. Storyteller Kirsty Findlay

A Cold Snap
by Shona Reppe. Storyteller Irene Allan

Performed and Streamed live from the stage of the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh.

Cast and Credits

Andy Cannon, Hammaad Chaudry, Tony Cownie, Robert Softley Gale, Louise Ironside, Jackie Kay, Denise Mina, Mara Menzies, Karine Polwart, Lynda Radley, Shona Reppe, & Morna Young Writers

Zinnie Harris & Wils Wilson Directors

Tom Piper Designer
Oğuz Kaplangi & MJ McCarthy Sound & Music
Kate Bonney & Simon Wilkinson Lighting Designers
Anna Chaney Director of Photography (Live Show)
Aly Wight Director of Photography and Editing
Sandy Butler Director of Photography (A Wee Bird Was Watching)
Mattie Foulds Sound Engineer (A Wee Bird Was Watching)
Anna Orton Associate Set Designer and Co-Costume Designer
Andrea Cabrera Luna Assistant Director


Lyceum Christmas Tales Supporters

Alan M Johnston
Alexandra Stewart
Allan Wilson
Andrew and Celia Coulson
Angus and Patricia Glennie
Angus and Shirley Bell
Bea Ferguson
Brenda Rennie
Christine Wiggins
David and Alison Reid
David and Judith Halkerston
Douglas and Frances Fettes
Dr Elizabeth McCall Smith
Elizabeth Barclay
Fiona Reith
Gary and Liz Wilson
Gordon and Pam Simpson
Ian and Judith Wall
Ian and Maureen Mclennan
Ian Percival
Isabel and Peter Graham
Jenny Clarke
John Bradshaw and Shiona Mackie
Kirsty, Seumas and Malcolm Connell-Skinner
Lesley Knox
Linda Greig
Linda Hutchison
Margaret Duffy and Peter Williamson
Melvyn Greig
Mirren Stobie
Mona Shea
Peter and Stephanie Rae
Richard Allan MBE
Richard Findlay and Gerald McColgan
Robin and Madeleine Harding
Robin and Vicki Morton
Ros and Russell Salton
Sandra Marshall & Antony Duff
Sue Brown
Sue Leckie
Val Sampson
and those that have asked to remain anonymous. 


Lyceum Christmas Tales Live Shows - Trailer

Watch the trailer for the On Demand recording of the 4 Live Tales here!

Lyceum Christmas Tales - Trailer

Watch the trailer for the 8 Free tales here

Dates, Times & Prices

Lyceum Christmas Tales

First released 1- 20 December, 1:30pm and 6:30pm.

Live Stream / On demand prices

£10 (with £20 for multiple viewers) - we would encourage anyone who will be watching with a number of others to show their support for theatres and buy a multiple viewer ticket


All Lyceum Christmas Tales are available with captions

Lyceum Christmas Tales Live is available to watch on demand in versions with Audio Description, Subtitles, BLS interpretation or captioning at

Press Coverage

‘Make a date with this Advent anthology’ 
The Guardian

‘Both entertain the mind and comfort the soul’ 
The Stage

‘The most ambitious online Christmas show around this year’ 
The Scotsman

‘Creative Joy’ 
All Edinburgh Theatre

'An innovative Christmas show with something for everyone'
The Times

'Magic sparkle came shooting down the ethernet into my living room'
BBC Scotland