Mary Rose

Mary Rose

By JM Barrie
Directed by Tony Cownie

I dare say, to a timid thing, being a ghost is worse than seeing them

Peter Pan creator JM Barrie revisits the notion of the ageless child in this creepy and unsettling ghost story.

A family holiday is disrupted by the sudden and unexplained disappearance of a little girl, Mary Rose. Although she is soon reunited with her parents, the riddle of what happened remains and haunts the family for years to come.

When Mary Rose, by now a young adult, receives a proposal of marriage, these events from her past are cast up, and the mystery begins to take hold once again.

This is a play with both light and dark shades, moments of great humour and fun mixing effortlessly with the genuinely spine-tingling. It's a compelling tale, and one which will leave you shivering with more than just the cold as the dark nights draw in this winter

Cast and Credits

The cast of Mary Rose

Mary Rose - Kim Gerard 
Mr Morland - Michael Mackenzie 
Mrs Morland - Anne Kidd 
Simon Blake - Perri Snowdon 
Mrs Otery - Una Mclean 
Harry Morland Blake - Guy Fearon
Mr Amy - John Ramage 
Mr Cameron - Robin Laing 

The creative team of Mary Rose

Director - Tony Cownie 
Designer - Neil Murray 
Lighting Designer - Malcolm Rippeth
Composer / Musical Director - Philip Pinsky 


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