Morning Manifesto - Edinburgh International Festival

The Departure Lounge

Across the three weeks of the International Festival, a series of performances and discussions bring together thinkers, artists and you, to consider and challenge the themes and ideas presented in the You Are Here programme.

Morning Manifesto
11am | 1hr 15mins approx. (no interval)
The Lyceum Rehearsal Studio
David Greig Dramaturg

Over three weeks, 18 writers from around the world each write a manifesto for the future. You are invited to debate their ideas and vote for your beliefs. After three weeks, a collectively authored manifesto will be launched into the world: a love song to our shared humanity. This project is inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, collectively authored by representatives from all regions of the world, and part of Fly The Flag, a celebration of its 70th anniversary.

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Dates and Times

5 - 24 August (excl. Sundays), 11am