Shooglenifty: East West - Edinburgh International Festival

Formed in Edinburgh in 1990, Shooglenifty has always embraced a wide church of influences. The band draws in members from the Highlands and Islands, and the city, from traditional musical backgrounds, and those shaped by more experimental genres. A Shooglenifty concert is a celebration of all those forces and many
more, influences picked up in almost three decades together.

This concert draws together international collaborators who contributed to the band’s globe-trotting recording projects in recent years, namely their five-star album Written in Water, produced in Rajasthan with Dhun Dhora (included in music bible Mojo’s folk Top Ten for 2018), and the timely humanitarian anthem East West recorded in Galicia with Tanxugueiras.

‘When the Galician trio Tanxugueiras’ exuberant voices were added to Dayam Khan’s aching, searching singing, magic happened. You could still hear the influence of the bagpipes in the fiddling of Eilidh Shaw, but this was music that no amount of patient turning of a radio dial could have located’
The Times

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Dates, Times & Prices

EVENING, 9pm - 9 Aug

£20 - £25 (fees apply)

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£20 - £25 (fees apply)

Book through the International Festival here