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The Hour We Knew Nothing Of Each Other

The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other
by Peter Handke, in a translation by Meredith Oakes
directed by Wils Wilson
movement by Janice Parker

Take a moment to watch our world go by.

Some years ago, playwright Peter Handke was sitting in a town square watching people come and go. Suddenly men carrying a coffin emerged from a house and transformed the square into a stage, lending each vignette that followed – a woman walking her dog, a couple having an argument, a man jogging – special meaning.

Inspired by this experience, The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other is a play without words, narrated by music and animated by unspoken interaction. This production gives the simple pleasure of people-watching a vibrant dramatic life as the audience weave a narrative out of the everyday scenes of a city.

This 450-character production will be taking to The Lyceum stage directed by Lyceum Associate Artist Wils Wilson, in association with Janice Parker Projects. We are throwing open the doors of The Lyceum and welcoming a large scale cast of Edinburgh residents onto the stage to create this exciting production.

Would you like to appear in The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other?
We’re looking for a community cast of Edinburgh residents to create and perform this production. No previous experience is needed for this voluntary participation opportunity.


Cast and Credits

Director Wils Wilson
Co-Director (Movement) Janice Parker


Movement director Janice Parker talks about The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other. 

Dates and Times

31 May - 2 June 2018

EVENINGS, 7.30pm
Thursday through Saturday



£13 concessions

£13 concessions