The Man Who Had All the Luck

The Man Who Had All the Luck

By Arthur Miller
Directed by John Dove
By arrangement with Josef Weinberger Limited

Isn't it better to feel that what you have came to you because of something special you can do?

The Man Who Had All the Luck encompasses the same great creativity and values of Miller’s other early masterpieces. It remained one of his least known plays for more than fifty years until it was revived in 2000 and staged thereafter in several productions. 

The play questions how one man can fail while another, though no more  capable, can prosper in life. It sits confidently beside his other more famous works such as Death of a Salesman and All My Sons – both staged at the Lyceum in recent years.

Set during the Depression, the play is a moral drama that questions the American Dream and centres around David Beeves, who is seemingly immune to disaster and wonders when his luck will catch up with him.

His good fortune highlights the tragedies of those around him as he tries desperately to find justification behind his successes. David’s quest for validation of his identity results in a deepening paranoia that questions the existence of God and the meaning of life.

John Dove (acclaimed director of past Lyceum productions of All My Sons and Death of a Salesman) directs this powerful and tragic drama.

Cast and Credits

The cast of The Man Who Had All the Luck

David Beeves - Philip Cumbus 
J B Feller - Andrew Vincent 
Shory - Matthew Pidgeon 
Aunt Belle - Isabella Jarrett 
Patterson Beeves - Ron Donachie 
Amos Beeves - Perri Snowdon 
Hester Falk - Kim Gerard 
Dan Dibble - Richard Addison 
Greg Powrie - Gustav Eberson 
Andrew Falk / Augie Belfast - Peter Harding 

The creative team of The Man Who Had All the Luck

Director - John Dove
Designer - Michael Taylor
Lighting Designer - Jeanine Davies
Dialect Coach - Lynn Bains


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The Guardian ★★★★

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Financial Times ★★★★

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