The Winter's Tale

The Winter’s Tale

By William Shakespeare
Directed by 

"A sad tale's best for winter: I have one of sprites and goblins. Mamillius, The Winter's Tale"

Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale is a story of jealousy, rage, love, hope and redemption in the vividly contrasting lands of Sicily and Bochemia.

Leontes, King of Sicily, suspects his pregnant wife of infidelity with his boyhood friend Polixenes, ruler of Bohemia. Threatened with impending assassination, Polixenes flees for home, while the innocent Hermione is imprisoned to await charges of treason against her husband, and her newborn child is banished.

Leaving Sicily behind, the play moves forward in time and relocates to Bohemia, a place of youth, love and laughter, and where a youthful prince has eyes only for a mysterious young shepherdess. As courtship, circumstance and coincidence collide, Shakespeare’s Tale is brought full circle and each of his characters finds their own destiny and resolution.

Part cosmic fable, part family drama, The Winter’s Tale is one of Shakespeare’s later works, and an excellent example of the playwright’s maturity as a storyteller and dramatic innovator.

Cast and Credits

The cast of The Winter's Tale

Hermione - Selina Boyack    
Leontes - Liam Brennan    
Antigonus - Alan Francis    
Polixenes - Ian Grieve    
Dion - Ian Hanmore    
Lord - Peter Kelly    
Lord - Robin Laing    
Paulina - Una Mclean    
Officer - Simon Muller    
Emilia - Shonagh Price    
Mamillius - Siobhan Reilly    
Cleomenes - Antony Strachan   
Camillo - Colin Tarrant    


The creative team of The Winter's Tale

Director - Mark Thomson   
Designer - Robin Don  
Lighting Designer - David Cunningham  
Sound Designer / Composer - Philip Pinsky  
Choreographer - Malcolm Shields   
Assistant Director - Steve Mann  

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