Inclusion Statement

Welcome to The Lyceum.

You belong here. Regardless of your race, gender and sexuality. Regardless of what your family unit looks like, where you went to school, and the way your mind and body works. This place is for you, just as it is for everyone who comes through our doors, whether it’s to watch or work. We’ve been brought together by shared creativity and curiosity, but our differences are to be equally celebrated. And because you belong here, we strive to make The Lyceum an accessible, respectful, inclusive and fun place to be. 

Every person that works with us is responsible for understanding what is acceptable and what is unacceptable behaviour, ignorance about harassment will not be tolerated as an excuse, neither will a lack of intention to harm. For the avoidance of doubt unacceptable behaviour includes any behaviour that is offensive, toxic, intimidating or degrading; which deliberately causes another person stress or anxiety or which sexualises either another person or the workplace; which uses sex, race, age, disability of sexual orientation, gender, religion as means of humour or denigration; or which uses a power imbalance as a way to force a personal agenda.

We know the theatre industry hasn’t been great at creating a culture of belonging in the past, but we’re working to be better for all our staff and freelancers. We want everyone to be safe, which is why we have harassment and bullying, and anti-racism policies. We want people who work with us to be empowered, which is why we have free access to counselling services for our employees.

Essentially, we want audiences and colleagues to feel as happy and proud to be here as we are to have you.  

Thank you for being here with us.