Hamlet | Thu 15 – Sat 17 Aug

Part of the Edinburgh International Festival 2024.


Teatro La Plaza’s enigmatic interpretation of a Shakespearean classic, full of personal anecdotes from a cast made up of eight actors who have Down’s Syndrome.

Peruvian theatre company Teatro La Plaza reinvents Shakespeare’s classic tragedy Hamlet into a joyful and enigmatic production. Inspired by the famous monologue, ‘To Be or Not To Be’ is incorporated into a rap performed by eight actors. Rather than telling one man's story, director and writer Chela De Ferrari's interpretation hones in on the importance of community.

In this retelling of Shakespeare, the stories of people with Down’s Syndrome take centre stage, when historically they have been relegated to the background. Weaving together a free version of the text with personal anecdotes from the cast, De Ferrari brings new meaning to the 400-year-old play and asks how can those with Down’s Syndrome exist in a world that continually sets out to exclude them?

Teatro La Plaza has a history of producing work that questions and surprises their audience. Known for pushing boundaries and creating bold new versions of Shakespearean dramas, this Hamlet is zesty and enchanting while also staying true to the original tragedy.

One of the most emblematic, vigorous and unforgettable versions of Hamlet