About The Mountaintop

"I’m a sinner, not a saint.”

April 3, 1968. Room 306, the Lorraine Motel, Memphis. It’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr’s last night on Earth.

Exhausted from a life on the road, hoarse from testifying day after day, all King wants is a coffee and some cigarettes.

Room service arrives in the form of Camae, a motel maid with the face of an angel who smokes, drinks, and curses like a sailor while giving King a run for his money.

This funny, compelling drama imagines the man behind the legend on the eve of his assassination; and sees the public façade and the private turmoil, the family man and the martyr, desperate to finish what he started.

Set during the height of America’s Civil Rights Movement, Katori Hall’s Olivier award-winning play confronts life, death and the idea of legacy.

Cast and Credits

  • Writer Katori Hall
  • Director Rikki Henry

Dates & Times