News Story

Seems fitting that my final post comes to you from the wings during a performance of Macbeth (an undoing), and if you love theatre as much as everyone who works here at the Lyceum does, you will understand just how exciting this is for me.

I have spent the last 6 months writing about these amazing people who make our shows happen, from the stage crew to costume, to lighting, sound and everyone in between. It is a dream, after watching the creation process, to sit here and see it all come together, see the stage crew seamlessly move set pieces and work their magic with bleeding beds and taps. To see stunning costumes for every character on stage and the how they make the quick changes look so effortless. To see our DSM sat at the desk with her headphones on calling the cues for the show, making sure sound and lighting changes happen exactly when they should. It is busy back here, but it is beautiful to watch, and I'm keeping out of the way in a little corner absorbing every second.

Live theatre is such an amazing thing to experience. We are still, as an industry, getting back onto our feet post-pandemic. But wow! Aren’t we doing it well. I don’t know about you but there is no feeling like sitting in the theatre, the lights going down and being transported into a different world. Whether that is in a musical, comedy, drama or Shakespeare, every show is different and every show sticks with me in a different way. Live theatre is such a privilege to watch, let alone work on. Enjoy it, support it, applaud it.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. I wonder what will be next!