GTCS recognition for Project Dream

On 29 January 2013, 24 Teachers from schools across Scotland received Professional Recognition Awards from the General Teaching Council of Scotland, for Creative Learning in a ceremony at the Scottish Parliament, hosted by Joan McAlpine, MSP.

7 of the teachers were from Balerno High School, Edinburgh who received the Awards as a result of their participation in a programme of work with Lyceum Creative Learning, called Project Dream.

Project Dream, an innovative and ambitious partnership programme for schools, invites teachers to place creativity at the heart of learning and develop inter-disciplinary programmes themed to the Lyceum’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Pupils worked in Project groups over 3 days of intensive creative activity in schools and some remarkable work took place, including creating a Time Machine (to visit Shakespeare’s world), creating a graphic novel to illustrate the story of the Mechanicals in the play, creating special lighting and other effects to transform a school foyer into a magical forest and developing a website about the Project.

Lucy Vaughan, Head of Creative Learning, Royal Lyceum Theatre Company said:

With Project Dream our experience of placing Creativity at the heart of learning and developing a project with teachers to cover all areas of the Curriculum has been transformative for all involved – teachers, pupils and arts educators! Instead of taking a subject specialist approach to our work with schools, traditionally in our case drama, we developed Project Dream with teachers of all subject areas to be able to explore inter-disciplinary learning through creativity.

Following a visit by the whole year group to the Lyceum Theatre to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the timetable was cleared for S3 pupils for 3 days, and they worked in small groups on their own creative responses to the play. Through Project Dream pupils had to share their ideas with each other, solve problems, take responsibility and show leadership - all essential skills for life beyond the classroom, developed through their participation in a creative project.

Project Dream could not have been possible without the support and funding generously given by the The Miller Group, Robertson Trust, Ernest Cook Trust and City of Edinburgh Council


Stephen Dunn, Group Human Resources Director at The Miller Group, said:

“Project Dream is a fantastic initiative which provides an innovative way for young people in the community to engage with the arts to develop their own self-expression, confidence and practical life skills.

It is great to see Project Dream making a difference, not only by impacting positively on the lives of the young people participating, but for the teachers who have received this professional recognition for taking this initiative forward within their schools.”

To find out more about Project Dream please click here.