Thank You

The Lyceum would like to thank the kindness of the following organisations and individuals. We could not do our work without you. Thank you to all those listed below and those who prefer to remain anonymous. 

Trusts and Foundations
  The Ellem Foundation, The Sym Charitable Trust, The Federation of Scottish Theatre, The Mickel Fund, WM Mann Fund, Murdoch Forrest Charitable Trust, JTH Charitable Trust, Labyrinth Trust, Turtleton Trust, Baillie Gifford, Gordon Fraser, William Syson Fund, Dr David McNeil Summers Charitable Trust 

The Lyceum gratefully acknowledges the following donors:
Brenda Rennie 
Claire & Mark Urquhart 
James and Morag Anderson 
Mark Laing 
Brian and Lesley Knox 
Stephen Wilson Dunn 
David & Judith Halkerston

Patrons of The Lyceum


Christopher & Heike Campbell
Malcolm and Muriel Murray 
Richard Findlay and Gerald McColgan 
Tari and Brian Lang


Anne and John Graham  
Barbara Dickson OBE  
Christopher & Heike Campbell 
Clare and Graham Laybourn  
David Rodgers  
Michael Davidson and Liz Williamson 
Eileen Henry  
Ken Slatford & Alan Jaques 
Margaret Duffy & Peter Williamson  


Allan Wilson  
Bruce & Eileen Ritson  
Carola Bronte-Stewart 
Chris & Helen Cook  
Colin and Hilary Ross 
Chris and Jerry Gregson  
L. Greig  
Duncan Innes  
Ian & Maureen McLennan  
Kirsty and Seumas Connell-Skinner  
Lesley Preston  
Martin and Mairi Ritchie  
Prof J M Wardlaw  
Simon Michaelson  


Alan M. Johnston  
Alexander and Elizabeth McCall Smith  
Andrew & Celia Coulson  
B Jones  
Bea Ferguson  
David & Alison Reid
Duncan Innes  
Frances Fettes  
Fiona Reith  
Ian and Judith Wall  
Ian and Margaret McLeish  
Isabel and Peter Graham  
John Bradshaw and Shiona Mackie  
Judith and Lawrence Barton  
Mathew and Lucy Williams  
Melina Maclean  
Melvyn Greig  
Ms Elizabeth Barclay  
Peter & Stephanie Rae  
Peter and Isabel Graham  
Roddy and Mary Maclean  
S Edwards  
Sue Brown  


Amanda Hay
Andrew Milligan 
Angela Haselgrove-Thwaites
Angus & Patricia Glennie
Caroline & Charles McFarlane 
Charles Humphries  
Colin Ledlie  
Cristine Livingstone
David and Dianne Smith
Dr May Parris
Drs Peter and Sue Bloomfield  
Eliza & Gary Wilson  
Elspeth Fleming  
Kathleen Fowler  
F Alexander
Gordon Drummond  
Heidi Goehrke
Helen Hare & Dougal Stanton  
Iain Percival  
Janet Katamba  
Jenny Clarke  
Janet Rust  
Melissa May  
Moira Calderwood  
Pam and Chris Warner  
Peter Matthews  
Ray & Gill Kelleher   
Richard T. Allan MBE  
Robbie Storrie  
Robert Chambers  
Robin Bold  
Robin Harding  
Robin & Vicki Morton  
Sandra Marshall & Antony Duff  
Sarah Drummond
Susan, Jean and Ann  
Val Sampson  
Wilma & Rob Elton

Additional thanks to the many individuals who have also given donations throughout the year, and to those who would prefer their support to remain anonymous.