Lyceum Youth Theatre: 25th Birthday

The Lyceum Youth Theatre is 25 years old in April 2024! This is the perfect time for the theatre to throw a party and celebrate its fantastic legacy of our young people and the staff that have worked over the past 25 years to support them.

On Sunday 21st April 2024 we will host a daytime birthday party from 12pm - 5pm - all are welcome to join us at the theatre to explore the rich history of LYT as we look forward to the next 25 years of LYT.

The celebration will take place across The Lyceum theatre building:

LYT Cabaret Party (Rehearsal Room)

We invite current LYT Juniors & Seniors to come to the LYT Cabaret where current members showcase their talents with performances every 10 minutes. Come and celebrate your fellow 24/25 LYT members. The LYT cabaret is an invite-only event for our current LYT Junior and Senior participants- all other events in the day are open to everyone. Information will be sent to our participants directly.

Staircase Timeline

Take a walk up the stairs and surround yourself with the photos and words of LYT past and present

5-7s Installation (Howard Bar)

LYT Play will work throughout the Spring 24 Term to create a miniature festival that celebrates their favourite things about LYT, this will also include their favourite ways to party – games, balloons, treats!

LYT Library (Henry Irving Room)

This room is full of creations by LYT through the years. Among the archives, read through past scripts and newsletters, browse past production posters, admire props and sets all in one room.

LYT Video Room (Ellen Terry Rom)

Get comfy and immerse yourself in LYT by watching compilation of LYT performances, participant videos and LYT sessions.

LYT Memories Room (Wyndham Bar)

A place where members and visitors can immerse themselves in some of the memories of LYT – including stories of characters, performances, rituals before class and friendships!

18-25s Ensemble Performance (Lyceum Main Stage)

Our 18-25 Ensemble members will be creating a performance for the Lyceum Mainstage telling the stories of LYT members past and present. It will celebrate and unveil memories, anecdotes, and tales, so join us to reminisce about Lyceum Youth Theatre from the last 25 Years.

LYT Q&A (Lyceum Main Stage)

After the final 18-25s performance, we will also host an event in which some of our Alumni will be invited to chat to us about some of their favourite moments from their time at LYT.