Acting and Writing

We are often contacted by people wishing to act at The Lyceum or write for our stage and we’re flattered by the eagerness to be involved with our work. The information below will hopefully help anyone in this situation to give themselves the best chance.

The Lyceum is a professional theatre company and all of our casting is done via agencies - we do not hold open auditions. If you are (or want to become) an actor and wish to perform at The Lyceum, please speak with your agent for advice on casting opportunities.

If you are based in Scotland or are Scottish and based elsewhere, your play can be sent to the National Script Reading Service. You will receive written feedback to help with the development of your script. Feedback is provided by experienced practitioners in playwriting, directing, producing or dramaturgy. This Service is run by Playwrights' Studio, Scotland, a developmental organisation for Scotland's playwrights. Please visit Playwrights' Studio's website for full eligibility criteria and more information.