About Treasure Island

This Christmas, join us at The Lyceum for our festive adaptation of Treasure Island.

It’s Christmas Eve and young Jim Hawkins works at North Edinburgh’s finest accommodation for reformed pirates and past-it privateers. Talk of cutlasses, ships and gold can be dangerous in such company. It’s not long before the story of their greatest voyage takes over… Jim, Ben Gunn and Lean Jean Silver are soon reliving their time hunting for treasure on the Hispaniola. Ahoy!

We shouldn’t be cooped up at the bottom of a lighthouse in Granton Harbour. We should be sailing the seven seas, finding hidden treasure, singing sea shanties and pirate songs!”

Sea shanties, adventures and heartfelt fun enliven Jim’s adventure as Billy Bones’ treasure map leads him north to the isles of Orkney in search of Captain Flint’s hidden fortune. Encountering plenty of puffins and buckets of swashbuckling, Jim tries to beat the pirates to the gold and get back home to Edinburgh safe and sound. Remember, X marks the spot… or does it?

This playful new adaption by Orkney playwright Duncan McLean is directed by Lyceum favourite Wils Wilson with songs from Tim Dalling. Adventure awaits! But best keep on the lookout for the Jolly Roger!

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