About Treasure Island

Following the smash-hit Christmas production of The Snow Queen, the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh presents another epic story for the whole family - a new re-imagining of esteemed Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson’s quintessential adventure story: Treasure Island.

“We must go on, because we can’t turn back.”

When a mysterious sailor dies in sinister circumstances at the Admiral Benbow inn, young Jim Hawkins stumbles across a treasure map among the dead man's possessions. But Jim soon becomes only too aware that he is not the only one who knows of the map's existence, and only one thing is certain if Jim wants to find the treasure – x marks the spot!

With his friends Squire Trelawney and Dr Livesey, Jim's bravery and cunning are tested to the full when he sets sail in the Hispaniola to track down the treasure. On their quest, Jim and his friends encounter pirates, mutiny and larger than life characters - Blind Pew and Black Dog, the castaway Ben Gunn and the charming but dangerous Long John Silver. Who will find the treasure?

So, pop your parrot on your shoulder, pack your cutlass, pieces-of-eight and a treasure map and join us next Christmas for a barnstorming tale of pirates, treachery and heroism. Adventure awaits! But best keep on the lookout for the jolly roger!

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