LYT: 14-19's

Weekly Sessions and Term Dates:

  • Monday 7-9pm, 22nd April - 17th June 2024
  • Tuesday 7-9pm, 23rd April - 18th June 2024 (Please note that our Tuesday Seniors will not be open to new members due to a cross-term project, there will also be an extra rehearsal taking place on Tuesday 16th April)
  • Wednesday 7-9pm, 24th April - 19th June 2024
  • Thursday 7-9pm, 25th April - 20th June 2024
  • Cost per Term: £100  

Our 23/24 term will see our Senior groups take to the Lyceum stage to perform pieces devised in response to a main stage show!

Curtain Raiser Performance Dates:

  • Monday Group: 26th January 2024, responding to Jekyll and Hyde
  • Tuesday Group: 26th April 2024, responding to The Girls of Slender Means
  • Wednesday Group: 22nd March 2024, responding to Blue Beard
  • Thursday Group: 7th June 2024, responding to Sunset Song

During a term the group will explore practitioners and different forms of theatre in greater detail to learn the skills needed to build successful performances themselves, whether that is devised or scripted. Groups will explore their own interests in theatre and develop an understanding of what they want to create and what they want to explore more of. This course is a great lead on to the Lyceum’s 18-25's ensemble programme or into further education in drama/acting.  

Please note: We do not permit transfers or swaps of classes during the term. We allow new bookings up to two weeks into the term.

Refunds: A refund may be granted up to two weeks before the term begins. Refunds are not permitted once the term has started. 

Booking for summer term opens soon. For more information, sign up to our newsletter here.