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    Behind Stage Door: Meet Macbeth (an undoing)'s director - Zinnie Harris

    7 November 2022
    We did it! We managed to get a second with Zinnie Harris, writer and director of Macbeth (an undoing); not an easy task when she only has 4 weeks to rehearse the production as well as everything else that goes alongside being the director…
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    Behind Stage Door: The Final Design Meeting

    31 October 2022
    Stop what you are doing! The final design meeting for Macbeth (an undoing) has happened and I was lucky enough to be invited in to see what the set and costume will look like for the production. If you’re hoping for blood, the supernatural…
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    Behind Stage Door: Macbeth (an undoing)'s Development Workshop

    24 October 2022
    Development workshops are a staple here at The Lyceum. We use them for a variety of different reasons but as a producing theatre, making new shows is what we do, and that process isn’t always an easy one. So, what is a development…
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    Behind Stage Door: Producing Macbeth (an undoing)

    10 October 2022
    What do you think of when you think of a theatre producer? Do you think of someone who makes amazing shows happen, do you think about the glamour of working with actors and directors, do you think about the excitement of press night and…
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    Behind Stage Door: White Card Meeting

    3 October 2022
    ‘Why did you choose such a small room for so many people?’ I hear you say! Wednesday was our first ‘big’ design meeting to start the ball rolling for Macbeth (an undoing). Obviously, things have been happening between the writer and other…
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    Behind Stage Door: Things have started

    26 September 2022
    Once more unto the breach, dear friends (wrong play, I know). The Lyceum has just announced its new 22/23 season and kicking off 2023 is Zinnie Harris’ new adaptation of Macbeth, Macbeth (an undoing). But don’t be fooled, things don’t just…